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Working at SFT

working at SFT collage
Whilst me may be a relatively small company with just under 80 members of staff, we have big ambitions.

Our vision is world-class infrastructure for the people of Scotland which is underpinned by our four values:

  • Bold - Believing in what we do, with commitment and courage to enable successful outcomes
  • Collaborative - Sharing knowledge and experience, and working in partnerships to achieve more for Scotland’s communities
  • Dynamic - Accelerating positive outcomes by promoting innovation and being a catalyst for change
  • Ambitious - Striving to excel and inspire by raising expectations

Employee engagement

How our people feel about working at the organisation is important to us, and listening and acting on their feedback is a key part of that. We offer a wide range of opportunities to hear and engage with our employees so they can shape all aspects of how we work and what we do.

Every two years everyone is asked to participate in our Employee Opinion Survey and the latest results from 2022 were extremely positive, with our highest-ever response rate, as well as the highest engagement score. 

In addition to formal surveys, there are a number of employee groups including Wellbeing, Social Impact, grade-specific groups, and social as well as other informal groups.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

Our success lies with the professionals we employ. Recruited from both the public and private sectors, we have been able to attract, develop and retain the finest talent from the infrastructure world. 

The strength of the organisation lies in bringing together a mix of skill sets all under one roof. We have architects, surveyors, low carbon and telecoms specialists, designers, economists, engineers, accountants, lawyers, project managers, commercial property professionals and financiers, all of whom innovate and deliver significant infrastructure programmes across Scotland.

We are committed to encouraging equality, diversity and inclusion among our workforce, and eliminating unlawful discrimination, with the aim for our employees to feel respected and able to give their best.

Personal performance and development

Our people are critical not only to the success of the organisation, but in taking us towards our vision of ‘World class infrastructure for the people of Scotland’.  The way we work encompasses our four values and supports our aim of an empowered professional organisation that values and develops our people.

Our focus is ‘our people benefitting from the best we can offer and us benefitting from the best of our people’.  In doing so, it ensures our people are encouraged to have honest and open conversations which will develop a mutual understanding and trust for individuals and line managers.